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ALIKARIA Group real estate investments developments consultants, leader in real estate projects development delivering innovative and customized solutions through scientifically validated assessment tools.

Our purpose is to meet the rapidly increasing real estate demand throughout the region.

Our mission is to be one of the most reliable providers of real estate services, marketing and investment support to the investors.

Our goals are to provide: "the right services at the right time at the right place" with highest records of quality, reliability, trust and customer satisfaction.

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Market Research
Properties Search
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Master Planning
Projects Manag.
Marketing Promotion

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Our services cover Real estate market research and analysis, properties search, appraisals, projects feasibility studies, concept designs, master planning, projects management, marketing and promotion. We offer a complete range of professional realty services in Lebanon and provide information for home buyers and sellers about new projects under construction and properties for sale or rent, including apartments, offices, warehouses, commercial spaces, apartments, lands, villas and many other types of properties across Lebanon. We also provide our customers with a comprehensive real estate listings website with online search options and categorized links to Lebanese real estate opportunities, featured projects, contact details, real estate market news and trends, to help figure out exactly what, where and when to buy, sell, rent

Properties For Sale In Lebanon
Apartments For Sale in Beirut
Lands For Sale In Lebanon
Residential Project in Mina El Hosn  Beirut
Apartment in manara Lebanon Beirut
Land for Sale in Obadieh Aley
Residential Project in Ain Al Mraysse  Beirut
Apartment in Verdun Lebanon Beirut
Land for Sale in Rechmaya Aley Liban
Residential Project in Ashrafieh Beirut
Apartments in Saifi  Leabanon Beirut
Land for Sale in Ras Beirut Lebanon
Residential Project in Bliss  Beirut Lebanon
Apartment in Kraytem  Lebanon Beirut
Land for Sale in Solidaire Beirut
Project in Dbaye  Beirut Lebanon
Apartment in Hamra Lebanon Beirut
Land for Sale in Ashrafieh Lebanon
Project  Kraytem Beirut Lebanon
Duplex for Sale in Ras Beirut  Lebanon
Land for Sale in Ain El Mreyseh Beirut
Residential Project in Ras Beirut Lebanon
Apartments in Ashrafieh  Beirut
Land for Sale in Ramlet El Baida Beirut
Furnished Villa in Chimlan Beirut Lebanon
Apartment in Down Town  Beirut
Land for Sale in Dawhet El Hoss

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