Hotels In Northen Ireland

Portrush is a small resort town in Northern Ireland in County Atrim and at the border of County Londonderry. It's a popular all year tourist destination with July and August being the most preferred months to visit the region. Most of the tow's hotels and entertainment joints are built on a peninsula that points to the North West.

Portrush Hotels

hotel portrush accommodation can get sold out during peak seasons. This implies that you need to book in advance, say at least three months to the date of travel if at all you need a variety of options to choose from. The town has a number of hotels, guest houses, town houses, inns and B&Bs, providing excellent accommodation and hospitality for tourists. The kind of experience you expect, the location, the cost and what it includes, the type of meals you would like to sample and the type of service you would expect should guide you in choosing the ideal accommodation facility in Portrush. You should also check out the reviews of different hotel online before you settle on any of them.

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Places of interest and activities in Portrush

Sandy Beaches

If you love beautiful sandy beaches, then Portrush will be a marvel for you. The town is famous for its three sandy beaches namely the White Rocks, East Strand and West Strand. You can build your sand castles, play different obstacles games with your kids, enjoy a long walk or play with the dog. You may also enjoy a dip in the cool water or just meditate on these beautiful beaches.


The Royal Portrush Golf Club is a world renowned course having hosted an open championship. It is actually the only gold course outside the Mainland Great Britain to have hosted such an event. If you enjoy teeing off, you must visit this club while in Portrush. The Portrush Hockey Club allows hockey lovers to enjoy some quality game time during their visit. People also visit the town to engage in different water sports. There are also tennis courts and bowling arenas in the town

Barry's Amusement park

This is a must visit for those travelling with children. This is a seasonal amusement park with a range of children friendly activities including a roller coaster, fairground rides, cyclone ride, water ride, ghost train and many more. It is usually open between Easter and early September. It's a blend of traditional and modern amusement parks.

Night Clubs

You haven't fully explored Portrush if you have not experienced their nightlife. Kelly's Complex hosts a number of clubs. This gives you the chance to explore a number of them on a single night. Portrush is the most popular town, with respect to nightlife, in the UK.


Whether you enjoy shore side fishing or deep sea fishing, Portrush has something for you. You can hire a boat and enjoy some quality fishing time with the boys or with your family.

Portrush is diversified presenting a number of options for all its visitors. As such, you should keep an open mind and enjoy this beautiful town during your stay.